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Osprey Central School
Strength Through Wisdom
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Message from the Principal

It has been a cool summer and continues to be a cooler fall.  We can be grateful that we do not need to have our shovels out yet.  It is that time of the year when weather changes from day to day.  Students should be prepared for cooler temperatures and the occasional rainy day, remember to wear clothing that is suitable for the weather conditions. When the weather allows us to enjoy the outdoors, we plan to be outside at every opportunity.

Our boys’ and girls’ soccer teams trained hard for our area tournament on October 1st.  The boys had home field advantage and finished the tournament with a second place finish, great effort by all.  Our cross country running team had a great showing this past Saturday in Meaford.  We had a large turnout of runners who performed very well making it a very competitive day of running.  

It was a pleasure to meet many of the parents at Meet the Teacher and I look forward to working with you throughout the year.  Should you ever have a concern about your child, please feel welcome to contact the school so we may work through any concerns or issues.

T. Voelker


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