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Osprey Central School
Strength Through Wisdom
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Message from the Principal

It is hard to believe it is finally nice weather, considering the winter we had just experienced.  I was starting to think winter might never end.  

June is always a busy month with school trips and grade eight graduation – Wednesday, June 25th at 7:00 pm.  Despite all the activities we plan to continue our academic program right up to the final days of June.  Our school teams have had a successful year in soccer, volleyball, basketball and more recently track & field.  Our school band made its first appearance at Kiwanis in a great many years, they returned with a Silver for all their hard work with their instruments.  We have enjoyed our first year with the Full Day Kindergarten program, the students have exceeded our expectations.

On behalf of the staff we wish you a safe and enjoyable summer holiday, we look forward to all the smiling faces in September.

T. Voelker


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