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Osprey Central School
Strength Through Wisdom
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Message from the Principal

Here we are its May, nice and sunny even though it might be a little cooler than normal. I will gladly take this weather compared to what Fort McMurray has experienced in the last week. With frost warnings the past couple of night’s students should still be dressing according to the weather forecasts.

We had a great turn out for our 50th Anniversary. I was delighted meeting former students from Osprey’s past. One gentleman was in Kindergarten the first year Osprey Central School opened its doors in 1965. Former teachers and administrators were also here. Perhaps in ten years we can celebrate our 60th Anniversary.

On Tuesday, May 3rd we hosted our Spring Concert. Mr. Paterson did a great job with all the classes and Mr. Embacher had the school band performing very well. We always appreciate your support throughout the various events we have and academic goals for your children. On behalf of myself and the staff, thank you.

T. Voelker


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Tue, May 31
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