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Osprey Central School
Strength Through Wisdom
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Message from the Principal

The question is Willie or won’t he see his shadow. Do we have 6 weeks of winter or do we have an early spring. However, winter is not over until it is over. The days have already started to be longer, and the extra daylight is a welcomed sight.

Temperatures have been above and below zero for the past couple of weeks. Students need to be dressed for outside weather, as we will take every advantage to go out when we can.

Yesterday our boys’ volleyball team participated in the BESC volleyball tournament. The best teams from our board competed to be number 1. Our boys’ placed second of all the teams – great work and sportsmanship was the reason for their success.

Our girls’ and boys’ basketball teams are already engaged in competitions with other schools and off to a good start. Good luck with your season.

T. Voelker


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